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Our table is a fully-integrated solution that is built to impress visitors from all ages and origins. Just plug it in and connect it to internet and you will have a product that generates cash from the beginning.

Admin Dashboard

Manage the table from our custom online dashboard. Get the full statistics on usage, players, revenue and change game settings directly from a simple to use online dashboard.

E-sport features

The game is developed for e-sport. It allows you to organize tournaments and events to create awareness and recurring customers. All the data is tracked in the admin dashboard. We can recommend tools to help you organize a smooth tournament without the hassle usually attached to these kind of events.

What can we help you with?


What are the table's dimensions?

  • Table length: 175 cm
  • Table height: 95 cm
  • Table width: 80 cm (125 cm incl. rods)
  • Floor area: 5.5 square meters, (incl. players)

What is the game's duration?

  • Using the dasboard mentionned above, the owner is the one deciding how long he wants the game to last.

What is the flow of players?

  • It’s of course depending of the game’s duration.
  • Example with 5 min: In this set up, 32 people can play per hour.

What are the requirements?

  • Power: 220 V, 10A
  • A wifi connection is required to use the dashboard, a wired connection (RJ45) is  required for udating the system and/or the game

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