a brand of Kynoa SA

Koliseum™ is a swiss company who designs, manufactures, and commercializes location based entertainment games and solutions.

Our mission is to meet the specific needs of the location-based entertainment (LBE) industry, offering games that combine fun, competition and technological innovation.

Discover our offerings – From virtual reality with Koliseum Soccer VR to our newest game Whack-a-Light , we offer experiences that captivate and engage all audiences. Our games are designed to be fun, exciting and competitive, offering an immersive experience that players want to repeat

Koliseum Soccer VR

Reinvent Foosball in virtual reality Discover Koliseum Soccer VR, a virtual reality gaming platform that transforms traditional foosball into a spectacular, immersive experience. This multiple award-winning game combines the nostalgic charm of foosball with cutting-edge technologies to deliver an experience full of action, emotion, tension and unexpected twists and turns


Discover Whack-a-Light, our modern, dynamic version of the classic “Whack-a-Mole™”. Designed to test your reflexes in an exciting way, the game engages two players in a duel where each player aims to be faster than their opponent to accumulate maximum points. With three difficulty levels that increase with each round, each game becomes a new opportunity to prove you’re the best.   Are you faster than light?

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