a brand of Kynoa SA

Koliseum is born out of the desire to make Virtual Reality entertainment accessible to the broad public  and to promote experiences that create and enhance human interactions.

Koliseum® – The platform –

Koliseum®’s main activity is the development of a multiplayer platform or table, called the KOLISEUM®, designed to bring a warm, collective and bonding experience to VR, as well as VR video games (software), specially developed for the above-mentioned platform.

Koliseum Soccer VR® – The game –

The Koliseum Soccer VR® is the first deployed  game, developed for the Koliseum Series VR® platform. Based on one of the 20th century’s most popular games, Koliseum Soccer VR® transforms Foosball – Table Soccer – into an exhilarating experience, adding surprising actions, emotions, tensions, and twists.

Kynoa SA – Administration office –
Route des Jeunes 59, 1212 Grand-Lancy, Switzerland